About Me

Me, looking happy in the desert.

I'm Nick. I like to build stuff, especially when it's a pairing that leverages computer science to directly solve problems in the physical world. I have experience as a software engineer, physicist, teacher, carpenter, and in an ideal project I get to exercise all these parts of my brain.



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    Started looking for engineering work 🔎

    I'm extremely excited to look for a cross-functional role where I can use my coding skills to help non-coders.

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    Moved to Bozeman, Montana 📦

    It was time to move out of the van.


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    Skied and climbed my brains out ⛷️

    I had always wanted to focus on these passions of mine. My partner and I road tripped across much of the western US.

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    Started Brain Juice Tutoring 🧠

    I remotely teach 1:1 high-school- and college-level math, physics, and CS. Check out brainjuice.school.

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    Moved into a van 🚗

    Just like everyone else and their grandma, apparently.


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    Quit Google

    I wanted to reassess what sort of work I was doing, and a chance to focus full time on skiing and climbing.


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    Started at Google 👨‍💻

    I worked on the ChromeOS team in Boulder, CO. I was the lead Software Engineer on the firmware effort for a new Chromebook device, and did a lot of Linux Kernel programming in C, as well as some C++, Python, and Go.

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    Graduated College 🎉

    Graduated from Colorado College with bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Physics, plus a minor in Math.